Should The Social Network Have Won an Oscar for Best Picture?

This week on the pop+tech podcast CyberFrequencies, we hashed over the virtues (or lackthereof) of Facebook and the movie about its creation -- The Social Network. We had Dylan Wittkower on the show. He's the author of Facebook and Philosophy, and he talks about how Facebook has turned social connection into a kind of capital, or currency. I wonder how many friends it'll take me to buy myself that iPad I have my eye on? In fact, what am I doing here -- I should be busy making more social connections!

Radio producer Jackson Musker thinks Wittkower is overstating the current situation and that in fact the converse is true: we've have put so much of ourselves out into cyberspace we've actually devalued our personal information. Information deflation.

And if Facebook is mining Jackson's data and finds out he likes to play basketball, then tries to sell him new Nike's -- he's okay with that. Pretty soon I guess they'll have his shoe size on file too and just send over the shoes without asking. It'll be like an early Christmas present he'll have to pay for.

But the real question is -- should The Social Network have won an Oscar for best picture? A highschooler in the video below says yes and that Zuckerberg is like the oil-barons of the 30's and 40's. Smart kid, in fact I'm going to go friend him right now!

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