Should You Become a Coach?

Coaching is one of the fastest growing fields out there. Many people who are in 9-5s have dreams of becoming a coach themselves. Here's a couple of points worth considering to help decide if coaching might be the right path for you!

1. You want to serve people.

Coaching is ultimately about serving other people. As a coach, your role is often to facilitate another person stepping more fully into themselves. It's about helping them reach their potential. Many coaches (myself included) may also have a teaching aspect in the work that they do. Nonetheless, one of the fundamental principles of coaching is that the brilliance is within the client. As a coach, you want to be able to recognize that in your client and help them reach it.

If you don't get any enjoyment from helping others or you don't actually care to help others you're much more likely to find the coaching work draining. Coaching requires working with people one-on-one to help them achieve some desired result. If you don't particularly enjoy working with others or helping others, it may feel exhausting day after day trying to assist someone else in achieving their own goals. What I've seen consistently with the many coaches I've mentored is that its much easier to establish yourself and your business when you're truly helping from a place of service.

2. You're driven and willing to hustle.

If you begin your own coaching business a certain amount of work is going to be required. This doesn't necessarily have to entail struggle. Here's the distinction: effort is simply the natural output of life -- our creativity, our energy, and just doing work. Effort becomes a struggle when it's laced with negative energy or emotion. When every action you take is tinged with fear and overwhelm. Most coaches start their own businesses, and like any other business, there will definitely be work involved.

Not only will you have to serve your clients through your coaching, but you're also going to have to attract clients. You'll have to do a certain amount of marketing to ensure that you're reaching people and you're getting your message out enough that people will be able to find you and also want to work with you when they find you.

At the beginning you may not have anyone to assist you so there are administrative tasks you may have to deal with yourself. Things like bookkeeping and creating contracts for your new clients, developing resources for your clients, ongoing learning for yourself. For anyone who thinks that coaching is just a fast and easy way to cash or a get rich quick scheme will be sorely disappointed. Coaching, while deeply fulfilling and lucrative still requires work. If you happen to enjoy making an effort, being creative, and hustling a bit, at least now and again, could really enjoy it.

3. You're willing and able to invest in yourself.

It will be absolutely necessary that you invest in yourself if you hope to become a successful coach. You're going to want to learn some coaching skills and by far the most effective way of doing this is by working with a powerful coach. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on my own coaching and training because I know that value is passed straight through to my clients!

You're going to be much better equipped to build your dream business if you're able to invest in yourself. If nothing else, right off the bat you're going to want to invest in a coach or a group coaching program. There are so many possibilities when building your dream business and it's all too easy to fall into information overload. It will be so important to find a mentor who can help guide you.

Additionally, you're going to be in a much more powerful position to speak to the power of coaching when you've experienced powerful coaching yourself.

The coaches that I mentor want to make a great living as a coach which is totally within reach. If you're going to charge premium prices, you want to know what your clients experience. If you shell out the big bucks to hire an excellent coach, you're going to understand what your clients are experiencing before they decide to hire you on a much more visceral level.

Coaching is one of the fastest growing fields out there and there are no signs of that changing anytime soon. If this resonated with you, then perhaps, it's a career you should consider exploring.

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