Don't Even Think Of Storing Your Thanksgiving Potatoes In The Refrigerator

If the United States Potato Board says so, you listen.

If you've been storing your spuds in the fridge, you've been missing out on the real flavor of potatoes.

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Many of us return home from grocery shopping and place all of our produce in the fridge ― it’s perishable, so the logic makes sense. Only, the fridge isn’t the best place to store all of our produce (or bread, for that matter). Some of it, like potatoes and onions, should never go in the fridge.

According to the United States Potato Board, storing spuds in temperatures below 45 degrees converts the potato’s natural starch into sugar, which results in a potato that’s not only sweeter than it should be, but discolored too. And the average refrigerator never goes above 40 degrees. Don’t do that to your potatoes.

Instead, store them in a cool, dark place in a paper bag or ventilated plastic bag. A plastic bag that doesn’t have holes will cause the potatoes to rot, so don’t do that. And never, ever wash them before storing. Any excess dampness will also make your spuds spoil and that would be bad, too. Wait until you’re going to use the potatoes before washing them. And if you stored them properly, that can be 2-3 months from now. Seriously.

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