Should Your Business Put Up Pictures Of Its Celebrity Clients?

1. Dry Cleaners


It's a well known fact that dry cleaners decorate their walls with signed pictures of their famous clients. If your neighborhood happens to reside some celebrities who need to clean their suits for the Oscars, don't be shy and ask them for an autographed photo to put on the wall. While their weird celebrity stains of caviar and cocaine might be hard to remove, you'll at least earn some respect from your clients who will enjoy having the same dry cleaner as Anna Farris.

2. Pharmacy


If you're serving a celebrity who comes in to pick up their prescription wearing glasses and a hoodie, you might not want to plaster their picture all over your wall. Take pleasure in knowing that the famous NBC news anchor came by to buy some anti fungal cream, or that actor from the hit ABC sitcom just asked for extra small condoms. No need to publicize it, just having that information for yourself is gratifying enough.

3. Restaurant


When you make great food - great people will come. If your restaurant is a high end meeting place for actors and musicians, definitely put the proof up on your walls. It'll make other guests impressed and keep them coming back. Everyone wants to feel like they're living the Hollywood life, so if you can provide them with a glimpse to what their favorite celebrities eat, by all means do that. The next time Pharrell Williams comes in, snap a picture of him enjoying his Fettucini Alfredo and put it up for everyone to see. You can now go ahead and raise the price of that dish to $89, and people will probably pay gladly.

4. Hotel


Celebrities usually check in to hotels under fake names, and for a good reason. What happens in your hotel room is private, and it'll be pretty weird to know which celebrity guest slept in this bed before you. Imagine booking a hotel room and seeing a picture of Charlie Sheen above the bed. You're not going to sleep on those sheets no matter how many times they've been washed.

5. Liquor Store


Celebrities have midnight cravings just like the rest of us. So if you run a late night liquor store, you probably ran into some cool famous people buying booze and snacks. Usually they'll be happy to sign a photo and go up on the wall. It's not as exciting as other businesses because honestly - who will be surprised to see a picture of Courtney Love at a liquor store - but it's still a nice idea.

6. Proctologist


A definite no. If there is anything private in this world, it's your asshole. no matter how famous you are. Taking on a famous client is probably tough enough. Imagine seeing a Marvel movie when you've practically looked inside an Avenger. No need to tell anyone about that. Just forget it and try to go on with your life. Maybe save a photo for yourself. But no uploading it to the cloud, man.

7. Hair Dresser


Your job is to make people beautiful. If you helped create a lovely looking famous person, by all means post your creation on the wall. It will increase your business, as everyone will want that "famous haircut", and the celebrity will probably enjoy helping the person who made them get noticed even more at the award show. It's a win-win situation. Plus, you can pick up some of the hair and sell it on E-bay. People will pay for the craziest things these days.

8. Sex toy shop


Screw privacy, the people demand to know who just walked out of here with a Fleshlight.