Shouldn't I Have All of This?

I want to live in a little house with a big porch on the seashore.

I want to live in an apartment in New York City with a geranium on the fire escape.

I want crisp white sheets and gingham curtains.

I want gilded mirrors and french porcelain.

I want rack of lamb with frilly paper panties on the bones.

I want a peanut butter-and-jelly sandwich with a side of potato chips.

I want to appear before sold-out crowds who laugh and applaud.

I want to go for weeks without seeing another human being.

I want to write poetry that makes people cry.

I want to play video games.

I want to raise organic veggies and have chickens in the yard.

I want pizza delivery.

I want it to be warm and sunny all year.

I want to be snowed-in for a week.

I want an executive position with board meetings and stock options.

I want to retire and putter around the house in my pajamas.

I want rock-and-roll that shakes the pictures off my walls.

I want a Vivaldi adagio playing softly in the next room.

I want to climb mountains and run the rapids.

I want to take the convertible to a bed-and-breakfast.

I want to run for office and change the world.

I want to never read a newspaper again.

I want to read People magazine.

I want to read War and Peace.

I want to visit Spain and Tahiti and the Grand Canyon.

I want to throw away my suitcases for good.

I want to wear designer clothes and emerald earrings.

I want to live in sweatshirts and raggedy jeans.

I want to wear miniskirts and bikinis and have blonde hair and be young forever.

I want to grow old gracefully, with delicate white hair and lovely laugh lines and eyes of wisdom.


Photo credit: Fechi Fajardo

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