Shout It Out for a Solar Future

Friday, Jan. 24 is National Shout Out for Solar Day, a time for us to celebrate how far we have come with solar energy in the Bay Area and nationwide. Below are five of many reasons the future is bright when it comes to solar:

1. These days, we have lots of California sunshine. Let's continue to tap into this renewable resource to power our homes and businesses.

2. Last year California added more rooftop solar than in the previous three decades combined!

3. The price of solar is rapidly declining, and it has never been cheaper to invest in photovoltaics.

4. The solar industry is exploding and creating a new generation of green, high-quality jobs.

5. Governor Jerry Brown recently reiterated his full-throated support for 33% renewable power in California by 2020. Solar is helping us get there.

Already, 2014 is looking like a banner year when it comes to the spread of solar energy. Join me in giving solar a shout-out today, and join the Twitter conversation at #GoSolar.