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5 Keys To The Perfect Shower Beer, According To The Experts

It's the simple things.

The drink of summer is not a cocktail. It is the shower beer.

For anybody who inexplicably might not already know by now, a shower beer is achieved when you drink a beer in the shower. It's not rocket science, but not just any beer will do; it has to be an ice-cold beer on the light end of things -- the lagers, IPAs or pilsners -- and your shower? Hot and humid.

It's a lifestyle that BuzzFeed wholeheartedly supports, and it's unsurprisingly embraced by about 30,000 people on Reddit, where a community of like-minded beer-showerers post their shower selfies (yes, some NSFW) and make recommendations.

We asked a few of these experts for their tips on how to make the most of your shower beer. Whether after a hard day's work, a particularly strenuous gym class, or just because it's Tuesday, it turns out it's always time for a shower beer.

Timing Is Everything
Zlatan Hadzic
Name: Zlatan HadzicAge: 24Residence: Halifax, Nova ScotiaProfession: Industrial Mechanic Why I shower with a beer:A shower beer is essentially having a nice, cold beer while taking a well deserved shower after a hard day's work, or just to have a beer for the joy of relaxation.The perfect shower beer is: A well-balanced water temperature, where it's not too hot but it's a bit on the cold side, warmer than a pool kind of temperature. And a tall can of cold beer from my favorite brand -- and, at times, a local brewery beer to support micro breweries. My favorite types of beer: Heineken -- I've been drinking it since I was 16 with my friends. Then it would be Alexander Keith's, a beer legacy left by the first mayor of Halifax for which it is named after, and my third favorite beer would be Fosters. Lots of people I know do not like it but I enjoy it.Danger zones to shower-beering: Don't have too long of a shower, otherwise the beer will warm up. Make sure you're rinsed before grabbing your beer so you don't get any shampoo in your beer by accident and ruin the fun. The only hazard I can think of is not to drink too much in the shower to the point you feel a slight buzz. Don't need to fumble or slip out of the tub or standing shower.
Companions Are Key
Matthew Men
Name: Matthew MenAge: 23Residence: Duluth, MinnesotaProfession: IT Specialist and College StudentWhat is a shower beer: Self-explanatory, but necessary for any occasion, whether it be in celebration for something, to keep the buzz going, or to relax at the end of a stressful day. The perfect mixture of cold, refreshing beer with warm, steamy showers (and maybe a companion) to maximize your quality of life. What makes the perfect shower beer:Somewhere to put your beer so water doesn't get into it and a place where it won't shatter on the floor. All shower beers are pretty much perfect, but I really enjoy Corona with a lime (Leinenkugel Summer Shandy works too). It really sets the mood for that beachy feeling, especially if you're not living in a state that is particularly warm or during the colder season. Otherwise, any craft beers are great. Can't go wrong with local breweries.How to maximize your shower beer experience:Turn on your favorite music to set the mood. Always finish your beer before you leave your shower. Find a good shower caddie or shower beer holder. Make sure you open your beer BEFORE entering the shower, or you're going to have a hard time doing it with wet hands and you will potentially cut up your hand which no one wants. Lastly, don't drop your beer.
Pace Yourself
William Wise
Name:William TaylorAge:29Residence:Cobleskill, New YorkProfession:PhotographerA shower beer is one of life's best and most simple pleasures that I feel gets overlooked! It's the best thing at the end of a long day OR the best thing to start a night out!Go-to shower beers: I'd have to say I like Labatt Blue, Bud Light, or as seen in my Reddit post, Colt 45 (it works every time).Pro tips and casual hazards: Go with tall cans that are icy cold -- in my experience they stay colder longer than a regular 12-ounce can. Don't take a shower beer with a glass bottle ... after getting thoroughly drunk (not necessarily speaking from experience per se but ...) slippery glass + tile shower floor x high level of inebriation = blood everywhere.
Don't Ruin It With Soap
Name: Ale-XAge: 28Residence: Montreal, QuebecProfession: I work in customer service for a finance company.Why do I shower with a beer? A shower beer is a perfect blend of two great things. It's as if they found a way to mix chocolate and garlic successfully. The principle is that you bring a cold beer into the shower with you and leave your troubles on the bathroom floor with the rest of the wrinkled fabric that's been clinging to you all day. But what's the deal? In a hot shower, a cold beer is even more refreshing than it usually is. Personally, I look for beers that taste better cold, so heavier dark beers like stouts are not ideal.Do you have a go-to shower beer? I like to drink local microbrews. As cliche as it sounds, we are truly blessed in North America in this regard. The recent explosion of microbreweries has allowed for a wealth of variety and creativity in our beer. Some of my personal favourite breweries are Flying Monkeys, Pit Caribou, Brasseurs du Monde and Le Castor. The best piece of shower beer advice I can give: Is to really explore different kinds of beer that are available to you in your area. If you are drinking from a glass, be sure to keep it above the water as you don't want your beer getting diluted. Even worse, if you're shampooing your beard do NOT take a sip until you have rinsed well! An artist worked hard on that beer, don't ruin it with soap!
It Doesn't Even Have To Be Beer
Trevor Sanders
Name: Trevor S.Age: 24Residence: San Bernardino, CaliforniaProfession: Mechanical EngineerA shower beer to me is a cold beverage, usually alcoholic in nature, and including but not limited to beer enjoyed in a shower. The perfect shower beer is all about using what's most readily available to you. For example, if you're all out of beer but have whiskey, then it's totally acceptable to have an old fashioned in the shower. Let's say you don't drink or you outta booze. Why not have a shower (root)beer?I drink more whiskey than beer, so my favorite shower "beer" is usually Jameson 'n ginger ale. If I'm having a true shower beer, I'll go for PBR or Tecate (especially after a hard training ride) or a lemon shandy. PBR/Tecate because they're my favorite go to cheap beers from college and you can spill them without worry, and the shandy because it's hella refreshing after a summer day.My ultimate tips for the best shower beer:Invest in a wireless speaker for tunes. Find the optimal place for your bevs to avoid water getting into your drink. Remember that the shower will warm up your beer. This isn't a race, but no one likes a warm beer. Be sure to get a solid hold of your beer. Wet hands + bottle or can-sweat = potential wasted beer.