Shows Not to Miss

Shows Not to Miss
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Sean Kennedy

Through October 25th

There is nothing new about making art out of corporate logos and advertising design, but Sean Kennedy’s use of hard-edge graphics, Plexiglas “vitrines”, and folding tables gives his art an impressive twist on this Pop tradition. The work is visually stunning and suggests a promising career for this young 29-year-old artist, whose art is very affordable and great for entry-level collectors.

Johan Creten

Through October 31st

Johan Creten is a 52-year-old Belgium artist working in Paris. His sculptures of resin, bronze, or gold luster on glazed stoneware combine a Rococo hedonistic sensuality with a Surrealist sense of fantasy and are filled with historical references.

Ron Nagle

Through October 24th

Ron Nagle, a California ceramic artist, had his first exhibition in 1968, and until now, he has existed on the fringes of the art world, operating in the shadow of such major ceramic artists as Ken Price, Peter Voulkos (his teacher), and Robert Arneson. Now that he is represented by Mathew Marks, a powerhouse New York gallery, he is front and center and has prices to reflect this prominence. His small-scale, brightly-colored abstract sculptures pack a powerful punch, suggesting a range of moods from comic to surreal and ranking him as one of the best American artists of his generation. This show is not to be missed, not just because of the art but because of the installation as well.

Piotr Uklański

Through October 28th

Piotr Uklański is a well-established, 47-year-old Polish artist with studios in New York and Warsaw. In addition to being represented by Gagosian Gallery, perhaps the most powerful commercial gallery in the world, he has had one-person exhibitions at the Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art, and most recently, the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Unlike most major artists, however, he doesn’t have a style of look. Instead he is a chameleon, working in a variety of mediums and issues, each time producing work that is clever and bold and speaks about the medium in which he is working. At Nahmed Contemporary, he has created enormous, brightly-colored collages of torn power paper, the white of the ripped paper energizing his dramatic sublime landscapes and calling attention to his process.

Beatriz Milhazes

Opening October 22; Closing November 28th

Opening reception, October 22nd, 6 to 8 p.m.

This 45-year-old Brazilian artist makes abstract paintings by first painting shapes on a piece of plastic and then pressing the paint side of the plastic onto a canvas, thus transferring the images. Essentially, her pictures are collages made of paint. Her work, while steeped in the history of art (e.g., Henri Matisse and Sonia Delaunay), evokes her Rio de Janeiro environment, both in the bright colors and the culture of Carnival, colonial architecture, lace patterns, and the botanical gardens that are near her studio.

Picasso Sculpture

Through February 7th

Pablo Picasso is no secret, nor is the well-advertised Picasso sculpture show at the Museum of Modern Art. This is a block-buster exhibition, presenting some work that is rarely if ever seen and certainly never in such a comprehensive context. Unfortunately, there are no paintings, which would reveal the tight relationship between Picasso’s painting and sculpture. But no matter, this is still a great show, and most shockingly, the galleries are relatively-speaking devoid of visitors, which is why we are listing this exhibition! You don’t want to miss it.

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