Showstopper: Trump Nuclear Weapons

The President of the United States has no checks and balances on the use of nuclear weapons – none.

At a small overseas airbase, we signed hand receipts for the nuclear weapon hanging under our fighter plane. Our job for the next day or more was always the same. Be ready to deliver that weapon to a target controlled by the old Soviet Union. We were prepared to launch at minutes notice of an order from the President of the United States. Our aircraft was but a small portion of the nuclear weapons systems ready to immediately attack targets. Today, a new generation of brothers and sisters still stand nuclear alert – ready.

We knew the weapon capabilities and we knew our targets. These smaller bombs (yet, many times more powerful than the WWII bombs) if ever used in anger would destroy thousands of lives immediately and poison the earth for generations. Because the nation can be attacked at a moment’s notice by similar weapons, a balance of terror exists. However, due to the shortness of time to react, the president of the United States possesses unlimited authority, with no checks or balances, to launch nuclear weapons at targets.

An incredibly burdensome responsibility to bear for so long, no president has ever failed us. For all their human faults and frailties, no president has ever been reckless with nuclear weapons. They understood the magnitude of their responsibility. All presidents to date have been tested in the arena of politics and public service. Their scars earned and their empathy tested.

When it comes to Donald Trump, the deciding showstopper for me is nuclear weapons. While I detest the Republican agenda of serving the wealthy, I realize we are a huge and very diverse country and my opinion may not always be that of the majority. Some candidates and presidents have engaged in saber rattling and reckless military interference in other countries but none have played chicken with nuclear weapons. No matter how bitter the political battle, I never saw a Republican or Democratic president or candidate who I feared having unfettered control over United States nukes - until now.

In the military, no one with Donald Trump's temperament and dubious financial and legal history would ever be allowed anywhere near a nuclear weapon. Trump demonstrates all the personality traits that are considered dangerous for any type of access. If Trump is elected, he will be given unfettered authority to launch nuclear weapons. There are no checks and balances. If he woke up at three in the morning angry, he could literally launch a nuclear attack. This is the primary reason to oppose Trump.

Hillary Clinton dedicated much of her life to serving the public. I have seen her work over decades. I do strongly support her but understand many may not. But I do not think that those who support her doubt her instincts to protect the country and do no harm.

Based upon his extensive court rulings and settlements and proven behavior and values displayed during this election season, Donald Trump cannot be counted on to do the best possible thing for the nation. A self proclaimed lover of war, he would be a president that not only questions why we have not used nuclear weapons but a president who, as we used to say in the military, would let his alligator mouth get his hummingbird butt in a fight that he could not win. For there is no winning a nuclear exchange, everyone would lose and lose badly.

Climate change is a slow, steady and very real threat to our world’s existence. President Trump with nuclear weapons, fuming at some imagined slight by another head of state in the middle of the night, could well threaten humanity’s existence in minutes. Make no mistake, in a nuclearized world, nuclear launches will not stop at one.

Most Americans are no longer even aware of the incredible destructive capabilities of nuclear weapons. Before you consider voting for Donald Trump, please review online the incredible destructive power of nukes. Nothing lives within miles of a detonation; not even cockroaches.

Do you really want to arm Donald J. Trump with nuclear weapons?

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