'Shred Of Decency' Campaign Turns Anti-Gay Pamphlets Into Confetti For Same-Sex Weddings

Love is in the air, it's made from "recycled lies," and that's a good thing.

Ahead of Ireland's gay marriage referendum in May, an Irish paper company by the name of Daintree has been taking anti-gay pamphlets and shredding them into heart-shaped confetti to be thrown in celebration at same-sex weddings.

The company's calling the product "A Shred of Decency," and Daintree pledges it's "made from 100% recycled lies," thanks to the hateful propaganda from which it's repurposed. The confetti retails for €5 (about $5), with all profits going to Yes Equality, a political advocacy group promoting marriage equality in the country.

"If you receive any dishonest flyers or leaflets in the run up to the referendum we want to recycle them into confetti," the campaign website explains. "Just drop into our little paper shop at 61 Camden Street, Dublin and hand the lies over to one of our lovely shop staff and we’ll create more beautiful confetti to help people celebrate marriage equality."

The shop also pledges to print out and shred any angry tweets flagged with the hashtag "#shredthistweet."



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