ShredYourEx Lets You Destroy Photos Of Your Ex Just In Time For Valentine's Day

ShredYourEx Lets You Destroy Photos Of Your Ex Just In Time For Valentine's Day

Hey, newly single people: If your plans for Valentine's Day involve little more than stalking your ex's Facebook page, please allow us to recommend a better option. A website launched by ad agency McKinney earlier this week lets you submit a photo of your ex and gleefully watch it get sliced into tiny pieces by an actual paper shredder.

Here's how it works: You simply Instagram or tweet @ShredYourEx a picture of your ex and include the hashtag #ShredYourEx. Then, head to to watch a live feed of your photo being printed directly into a commercial-grade shredder behind a digital fire.

McKinney staffer Renee Montpetit told The Huffington Post that her team created the site to squeeze some fun out of a day that can be less than thrilling for singles.

"Plus, deleting a picture doesn’t give you the same satisfaction as physically destroying it," she said. "This gives singles that cathartic release in a fun way."

But what happens to all that wasted paper, you ask? It's not wasted at all; it goes to a very cute cause. All shreds are donated to a local animal shelter, Paws4ever, and used as litter for recently spayed and neutered kittens. (If the thought of adorable kitties peeing all over photos of your ex's face doesn't give you the warm-and-fuzzies, we don't know what will.) See the video below for a demonstration:

The shredder will be running until midnight Valentine’s Day PST, so head to the site soon if you want to get your shred on.

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