His thumbnail measures 6.5 feet on its own.

He definitely nailed this record.

Shridar Chillal has clawed his way into Guinness World Records by growing the fingernails on his left hand to a cumulative length of 358.1 inches -- almost 30 feet.

His thumbnail measures 6.5 feet by itself.

But the record of "longest fingernails on a single hand" wasn't just handed to the 77-year-old resident of Prune City, India.

Chillal hasn't clipped his fingernails since 1952, after an incident with a teacher who was proud of his own long fingernails.

"When I was a school boy, we were once beaten badly by our teacher because my friend broke his nail," Chillal told Guinness World Records. "The teacher had grown a very long nail. We asked him why he had beaten us so much just for breaking his nail.

"He said we would not understand it as we had never grown long nails. After that, we took it as a challenge to grow our own nails."

Chillal succeeded in going above and beyond his own teacher's accomplishments, but he's paid a price for his achievements.

The record-breaking nails are extremely breakable so he has to be very careful when he sleeps.

“I can’t move much, so every half an hour or so I wake up and move my hand to the other side of the bed,” he told Guinness World Records.

Some people might question Chillal for growing his nails to the point where they're no longer practical, but scientists said the bigger question is why any humans have fingernails at all.

John Hawks, a biological anthropologist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, told LiveScience that scientists are still trying to figure out why humans and other primates have fingernails when most mammals have claws for digging and climbing.

Some researchers believe the nails are just an evolutionary remnant from the days when early primates had claws, while others believe it is a clever adaptation to use fingers more effectively to help grasp branches while moving around in trees.

No one has yet figured out an evolutionary advantage for biting one's nails.

Guinness World Records
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Vijay Kumar V.A of India holds the record for most teeth in one mouth: 37 in all.
Largest Ballpoint Pen
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Farthest Distance To Blow A Pea
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The fastest tortoise on Earth is Bertie, who ran 9/10s of a foot in a second on July 9, 2014.
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Jeison Orlando Rodriguez Hernandez of Venezuela has the largest feet on a living person. His right foot is 1 foot, 3.79 inches and his left is 1 foot, 3.59 inches.

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‘LazyJ’s Bluegrass,’ a speckled steer from Greenleaf, Kansas, has horns measuring a whopping 9 feet, 9.8 inches -- as wide as five washing machines.
Largest Hot Dog Cart
Guinness World Records
Marcus Daily of Union, Missouri, owns the world's largest hot dog cart. It measures 9 feet, 3 inches in width, 23 feet, 2 inches in length, and 12 feet, 2.75 inches in height from the ground to the handle. The wheels' diameter is 6 feet, 1.5 inches.
Most Balls Caught By A Dog By The Paws
Guinness World Records
Purin, a 9-year-old dog in Sakura, Japan, was able to catch 14 balls in her paws in one minutes, in March, 2015, breaking her previous record of 11. The talented canine can also skateboard, walk on two legs, and skip rope.
Tallest Married Couple
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Most BMX Time Machines
Guinness World Records
The most BMX time machines in 1 minute is 83 was achieved by Takahiro Ikeda of Japan in Milan, Italy, on June 25, 2014.
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