Shrunken Sweaters Get Completely Restored With This Unusual Home Hack

All you need is baby shampoo.

It's happened to all of us. We toss our favorite sweater in the wash, only to have it come out an hour later looking like it belongs in a middle schooler's closet. But there's no need to toss your shrunken clothes. Just break out the baby shampoo.

Linda Cobb, a money-saving cleaning expert known as the Queen of Clean, has a simple trick she uses to restore shrunken sweaters. Cobb demonstrates the solution in the above video, but it's as simple as following these 5 basic steps:

  1. Fill two basins with warm water, and add a cup of baby shampoo to one of them.
  2. Fold the sweater and gently place it on top of the shampoo-mix water. Let it sink on its own, approx. 15 min.
  3. Gently transfer the sweater to the clean water basin -- don't wring it out! -- and help ease the sweater until it is submerged in the water.
  4. Gently transfer the sweater to a towel (again, no wringing), unfold it and roll it up in the towel to remove excess water.
  5. Unroll the towel, then stretch the sweater to the size you want it. Let it dry on its own.

By the time the sweater dries, it will be back to its original size.

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