Sh*t My Pets Ruined (PHOTOS)

Anyone who's ever come home to find food, furniture, shoes or other household items destroyed by a pet knows it's a conflicting feeling. On one hand, you're furious. On the other hand, that look of guilt coming from the pet you love so much is kind of adorable. How could you stay mad at that?

Sibling creators of parenting blog "Sh*t My Kids Ruined" Brian and Julie totally get it. They've launched a spin-off site for people to send in photos of their pets' paths of destruction called, of course, "Sh*t My Pets Ruined." Now you might be sick of hearing about anything that starts with that word, but don't worry. There isn't a single video listing what "sh*t people say" on the site!

Instead, it's a place for pet owners to share funny pictures but also their undeniable frustrations. Brian and Julie insist that the content is always punctuated by the fact that pets are the best: "Because behind the mess, after all, is an adorable, loving creature who doesn't know any better. Mostly," Brian said.

See a selection of our favorite photos so far on the site below, visit the full site for all the rest and "like" their Facebook page to receive updates. Don't forget to vote for your favorite!