'Sh*t Nobody Says': The Latest 'Shit Girls Say' Spinoff, And Hopefully Last (VIDEO)

The One Sent To End Them All

You've been a long time coming, "Sh*t Nobody Says" guy. Ever since that fateful day when the first internet explorer (other kind) sighted a man dressed as a woman talking to Juliet Lewis, there's been an unending stream of "Shit Black Girls Say," "Shit Girls Say To Gay Guys," Shit Vegans Say," "Shit Yogis Say," Shit Gay Guys Say To Their Cats"? What? Yes. Unending stream of Shit. And now: the one sent to end it all. "Sh*t Nobody Says," a dead-on compilation of phrases you will never say or hear someone else say, except in the context of this one internet meme.


(via reddit)

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