Shuster To Return To MSNBC

Over at TPM Election Central I just reported that Hillary had agreed to a Feb. 26th debate on NBC after threatening to boycott the network's debates in the wake of MSNBC reporter David Shuster's "pimp" remark about Chelsea.

This naturally begged the question: What does this mean for Shuster, who was suspended from MSNBC for the remark and has been in limbo ever since Hillary publicly suggested that his suspension wasn't enough?

Well, it turns out that he won't be fired and will be coming back to the network. Asked about Shuster's fate, MSNBC director of communications Alana Russo tells me this:

"He remains on suspension indefinitely, but he will not be fired and will be returning to MSNBC."

This suggests, I think, that MSNBC wants to wait until after the debate with Hillary is safely over before bringing Shuster back. Also, it bears pointing out that however crude and dumb Shuster's remark was, this was never primarily about him. It was about Chris Matthews.

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