'Shut Up And Play The Hits': LCD Soundsystem Film Trailer Released (VIDEO)

You thought LCD Soundsystem was over? You were fooled. The band's final shows at Madison Square Garden may have been last April, but their final act will come later this month at the Sundance Film Festival. Directed by Dylan Southern and Will Lovelace, "Shut Up And Play The Hits" is a film surrounding the band's final performances, taking you behind the scenes and into the crowd. Going off the trailer, the fim will largely focus on frontman James Murphy as he deals with the reality of consciously putting an end his band, and what will happen after that. An interview at the start of the trailer posits, "When you start a band, do you imagine how it will end?" It's likely not a question most bands have the luxury of asking themselves, but when you're selling out Madison Square Garden, perhaps it is best to leave on a high note.

Watch the trailer, and go here for more information: