Shut-Eye: As Predicted, CBS News Kills Public Eye

TVNewser has the confirm: CBS' Public Eye Blog is no more (seriously, look for it — it's gone from the list of blogs). After last month's round of layoffs at CBS (joyeux noel!), we wondered if that meant "Bye to the Eye." We'd asked CBS interactive spokesperson Dana McClintock who specifically denied that Public Eye was being eliminated and claimed that political reporter (and former PubEye co-editor) Brian Montopoli would be taking Felling's spot. Golly gosh, he must be just so surprised that things worked out this way!

It's a sad loss, really — Public Eye had some smart and insightful commentary, and used to run a terrific Friday column called "Outside Voices" with contributors from outside CBS, which I was lucky to contribute to (and they were very gracious when I used my column, in part, to complain that they didn't have enough female contributors). Felling's wit will be missed (we're fans here, as we've declared) but also it's sad to see a project begun with such excitement (and such a bugdet, oy — there were THREE editors at one time!) come to such a quiet and unlamented end, without even time for a whimper. Ah well. At least we still have Couric & Co!