Shy Kids Finish Last

I'm a quiet, shy and sweet girl. The problem with those types of girls is they often get taken of advantage and walked over. Ever since I can remember, I've never been a fan of confrontation and when I was faced with it, I always turned the other direction. I hated walking up to someone and bringing up an issue that might make matters worse. Whether it was work or school, I did not want to confront anyone.

Maybe when I was made fun of I should have stepped in and defended myself, but I was often too afraid to do so. I suppose I didn't think I was worth defending, which is blatantly sad. Whenever an argument came my way, I just wanted to run and hide. I didn't want to face it because then I'd have to tell the other person off and that simply was not in my nature.

There are people who live for drama and don't have any issues confronting others and then there are people like me who tend to avoid it. And, the thing is I haven't a clue where that mentality came from because my mother has always taught me to stand up for myself. She'd often tell me not to stick up for myself when someone talked behind my mind.

I think I'm not a fan of confrontation because I do not want to admit that someone might have a problem with me. I just want everyone to like me when in retrospect that will never happen. There will always be one or two people that aren't your biggest fan and I had to accept that. In my adult life I've learned many things. For starters, just because I'm now 25 and work with adults doesn't mean the cattiness and talking behind your back goes away. I thought I left that behind in middle school, but I suppose I was wrong. Therefore, now is the time when I must tell the other person off if they're saying negative things about me. Will I finally approach that person and ask them what their problem is or cower and hide in the corner?

I am so sick of others taking advantage of the sweet and innocent girl who would never hurt a fly. Maybe those people are jealous of my demeanor, but whatever the reason, it's time to stop picking on the defenseless girl.

Being bullied is one of the worst things and people who do so feel highly and mighty. What they don't take into account of is the effect it has on the person being bullied. There have been several accounts of teenagers committing suicide because of it. They weren't strong enough to tell the bully off, so the next best thing for them was to kill themselves. That's not the answer though. Don't let the bully win.
I'm going to try and stop allowing people to push me around.