Sia Gives Trump 'A Taste Of Life As A Queer Immigrant' During 'SNL' Prep

Spoiler alert: Trump's hair gets even bigger.

Sia joked that she tried to give Republican presidential candidate hopeful Donald Trump a "taste of life as a queer immigrant" during rehearsals for their appearances on NBC's "Saturday Night Live" on Nov. 7.

The singer tweeted a photo of her onstage with Trump and "SNL" star Kate MacKinnon, with a nod to the controversy surrounding Trump's hosting gig.

Activists and members of the Latino community have protested NBC's decision to have Trump as a host of the popular show, and they have written a letter to NBC executives demanding a new host. There's even a petition asking to remove him which has garnered over 500,000 signatures, so far.  

Trump came under fire earlier this year for referring to Mexican immigrants as “rapists” who bring crime and drugs into the U.S.

Juan Escalante, one of the protest leaders and director of digital campaigns for America’s Voice, expressed his disappointment in NBC and Sia on Twitter Friday.

Trump has also made his opposition to gay marriage clear. Although, he's "gone to gay weddings," he said at the GOP debate in August, he said he is still in favor of traditional marriage.

Donning a massive black-and-blonde wig, Trump tweeted two dressing room photos on Friday.

Looks like "The Donald" is ready for his closeup.

Be sure to watch the "SNL" promo video above before Saturday's episode premieres.

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