Weather Forecaster Packs Report With 20 'Batman v Superman' Puns

Can you spot them all?

The force is strong with this weather forecaster.

Sian Welby delivered a report with "Star Wars" references to mark the opening night of "The Force Awakens" in a December broadcast that went viral.

She's just followed that up with another blockbuster report. Welby packed 20 "Batman v Superman" puns during her minute-long segment for Channel 5 News on Friday.

"Well, you needed X-ray vision to see through the fog in some parts this morning," she began, before effortlessly cramming in references to the 1960s Batman star Adam West, the "Dark Knight", "Superman" villain Lex Luthor, the caped crusader's hometown Gotham City and one of the new movie's stars, Ben Affleck.

"Batman v Superman," which is supposed to kick off the start of "The Justice League" franchise, opened in the U.S. on Friday. But multiple critics have panned the movie, which sparked an all-out troll attack last week. 

Hopefully Welby's report has given Affleck something to smile about.