This Weather Forecaster Ain't Afraid Of No 'Ghostbusters' Puns

"Don’t cross the streams or rivers unless it’s safe to do so."

Punning makes her feel good!

British weather forecaster Sian Welby is back with another blockbuster report.

This time, she’s littered her segment on Channel 5 News with references to the  “Ghostbusters” reboot, which opens in movie theaters on Friday.

”Slime afraid you’ll need your parka this afternoon with scattered showers expected in between the odd ray of sunshine,” she began Monday’s forecast.

An avalanche of related quips ensued. Welby, who’s previously punned on the “Batman v Superman” and “Star Wars” movies, later revealed on Twitter that there were a total of 22 references.

Can you spot them all?

Check it out in the clip above.