Siberian Tiger Cub, Puppy And Cat All Play Together (PHOTOS)

Siberian Tiger Cub, Puppy, And Cat Play Together

Meet Plyusha, a baby Siberian tiger born in late May at a small zoo in Sochi, Russia. Since poaching is a real threat to the species, the zoo was overjoyed until, as the San Francisco Chronicle reports, the mother refused to feed her babies.

Luckily for the cubs, the zoo was found Yekaterina Khodakova, a woman with a Shar Pei dog who recently had a litter of puppies -- and she began to feed the baby tigers as her own.

Scroll through the photos of baby Plyusha playing with the puppy, a cat, and a baby -- they're almost too good to be true.

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Baby Tiger Plays With Puppy, Cat

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