'Awe-Inspiring' Bond Between Sibling Dogs Captured In Rescue Video

Pepsi and Cola are a testament to the “deep capacity for love” that dogs have.

Sibling dogs Pepsi and Cola had been struggling to survive in a Los Angeles sewer when animal rescuers Eldad Hagar and Vanessa Enriquez swooped in to bring them to safety.

The rescue, however, proved to be a challenging one.

“After surviving on their own for so long, the two pooches had grown wary of people,” Hagar’s organization Hope for Paws told HuffPost.

As video of the rescue shows, Pepsi and Cola started off extremely fearful of Hagar and Enriquez. But even in that moment of heightened anxiety, the dogs are said to have shown a strong commitment to one another.

“There is a beautiful moment in the video where Pepsi uses his body to cover Cola and protect her from potential harm,” said Hope for Paws. “The love and loyalty these two dogs have for each other is awe-inspiring.”

The rescue video, the organization added, is a testament to the “deep capacity for love” that dogs have.

Hagar and Enriquez eventually earned Pepsi and Cola’s trust and whisked the dogs to a veterinarian.

The pair are now living with a foster family and awaiting a forever home. Because of their bond, Hope for Paws stresses that the duo must be adopted together. 

Click here to find out more about how to adopt Pepsi and Cola, or visit Petfinder or your local ASPCA to learn how to adopt animals like them.


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