These 103- And 98-Year-Old Sisters Prove Sibling Rivalries Never End

No one curses or bickers quite like Gramma and Ginga.
04/25/2017 05:05pm ET | Updated April 26, 2017

If you thought sibling rivalries mellowed out with time, you’ve never met Gramma and Ginga.

In a YouTube clip that’s going viral on Facebook (watch it below,) Gramma, 103, attempts to give her granddaughter, Sheila Liljenquist, directions to D&P Hot Dogs in her hometown of Clarksburg, West Virginia.

The only problem? Gramma’s 98-year-old sister Ginga is seated directly behind her and she’s quite the backseat driver.

“Your grandmother doesn’t know where in the hell she’s going,” Ginga offers from her corner.

“No, with your damn big mouth. Dammit. Shut your mouth, will you?” Gramma responds.

Luckily, the older and younger sisters ― whose full names are Arlene Cody Bashnett and Genevieve Musci ― eventually navigate Sheila to the hot dog spot.

Sheila Liljenquist
Another day, another hot dog lunch fit for queens.

The sisters ― who appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” last year and have quite the following on YouTube ― are quick to bicker but rarely stay mad, according to Liljenquist.

“The gals argue about everything ― how fast or slowly one of them eats, how to get to the hot dog place or where to buy the best olives ― but they’re also quick to laugh about the whole thing,” she told HuffPost. “They’ve never stayed angry for more than a minute.”

Sheila Liljenquist
The sisters have lived in Clarksburg, West Virginia their whole lives. Liljenquist said the sibling rivalry between her grandma and great aunt has gotten "stronger with age." 

Their current heated competition? Walking.

“They now argue about who could walk the best at age 98,” Liljenquist said. “Gramma thinks she was in better shape when she was at 98 than Ginga is now!”