'Sibling Rivalry' Pregnancy Announcement Goes Viral

Best Baby Announcement Ever?

In today's world of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, sending a "traditional" pregnancy announcement card might not cut it for some expectant parents.

That said, the creator of this "Sibling Rivalry" announcement definitely earns points for originality. The image was posted to Reddit on Sunday and voted to the front page of the social news site:

After the pregnancy announcement made its debut, several Redditors shared their own stories of sibling rivalry. (Visit the social news site to read the accounts.)

While this announcement is sure to make the rounds on Interwebs, there has been a spate of other high-profile, creative pregnancy announcements recently.

On Christmas Day, Jessica Simpson told the world she was expecting her second child by tweeting a picture of her daughter, Maxwell, with the words "Big Sis" written in the sand. Actress Busy Philipps recently shared the news by tweeting a picture of a positive pregnancy test.

There are, of course, some methods to avoid when making the big announcement. Here's what not to do, according to Babble.

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