8 Siblings Confront The Woman They Say Saw Them Be Abused As Children

Thirteen children lived in Mansa Musa Muhummed’s house, where they were tortured, starved, beaten and, one of them was raped at the hands of their polygamist father. Watch as some of the siblings, who are now grown, recall living conditions "like a concentration camp," eating their own feces, and more. 

It is one of the most notorious child abuse cases in California history and in 1999, Muhummed was sentenced to seven consecutive life sentences.

But why do some of the siblings, who were rescued after one of Muhummed’s "spiritual wives," Laura, slipped a note to a postal worker, hold a grudge against her? In the video above, eight siblings come face to face with Laura, who is now a domestic violence advocate, for the first time in 16 years.

"Laura paints a picture like she was being abused in the home, and that is not correct," says Likesha, who says she was raped by her father on a daily basis for 12 years. "She is not telling the truth. She was able to leave the home," she adds, explaining that she believes Laura knew they were being starved, tortured, and forced to sit in a circle to beat one another -- yet she did not help.

"She was able to eat while my father starved us," says Delmarcus.

"She was part of what was going on," adds Michael. "Laura never beat us, but she certainly instigated the beatings ... If we would steal food, she would tell my father, and we would be beaten." He tells Laura, "You can fool these people, but you know you can't fool us."

Laura, who created a foundation to help counsel and advocate for other abused women, says emphatically, "They're absolutely wrong" and that she, too, was a victim of abuse. "In that garage, that's where I was held captive, that's where the torture began for me. That's where we were locked up with chains on that garage door."

Laura says Muhummed raped her; and, she gave birth to a child while living in Muhummed’s house. Do the siblings want a relationship with their half-sister? Watch more here from Friday's episode of Dr. Phil, "Exclusive: Eight Siblings Tortured And Held Captive By Their Own Father."