Woman Tells Sister She Should Parent Violent Child, Not Medicate (VIDEO)

Kim and Ryan say they are terrified of their 7-year-old son, Rylan, whose imaginary friend “Bleeder” threatens to kill them. "My biggest fear is that we’re raising a school shooter, a mass murderer, a serial killer," says Kim. Watch their story here.

Rylan has spent nearly half of his life in hospitals, and has been on a long list of medications to treat him — a course of action with which Kim's sister, Stacy, does not agree.

"They have constantly put him in hospitals and medicated him rather than actually raising him and showing him unconditional love and structure," says Stacy. "She would rather drop him off at a hospital and have him medicated rather than parenting him. Whenever he does act up, they give him another pill, call the police, sedate him."

She adds, "When I talk to Kim about what she's doing with Rylan, she doesn't want to acknowledge that she could be making a mistake. She's very defensive."

Kim and her ex-husband Ryan disagree vehemently. "That's so far from the truth," says Kim.

"Walk a mile in our shoes," adds Ryan.

Watch the video above as the family gets candid with one another about this challenging situation, and see what happens when Dr. Phil steps in on Tuesday's show.

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