Blurry Photo On Facebook Leads To Reunion Between Siblings After Half A Century Apart

After 60 years, siblings Allan Healey and Margaret Mitchell were finally reunited last week, thanks to their own simultaneous searches for each other on Facebook.

Allan, 66, and Margaret, 67, hadn't seen each other since 1954, when their parents split up. The Scotsman reports that Margaret remained with their mother in Scotland, where they had been living; Allan and his older brother, Stewart, went with their father to live in England.

Years later, Allan set out to find his sister. Frustrated by a lack of progress via traditional methods, he turned to Facebook, where he posted this photo of the siblings together, likely one of the last taken before they were separated:
reunited 2
Stewart, far left, Margaret, center, and Allan, right.

Amazingly, the Daily Record notes, Margaret was also looking for Allan on the social networking site. Aided by a neighbor, she recognized the picture, sent Allan a message, and they agreed to meet.

"When we met I got out the car and we threw our arms around each other," Allan recalled of their reunion, per the Daily Record. "My sister was crying, I was crying. It was very emotional. It was great, it was really nice."

Brother Stewart, who is now 69, could not be present at their reunion, according to The Scotsman.

reunited 1
Margaret and Allan, reunited at last.

After the sibling reunion, Allan was also reunited with his mother, reports The Scottish Express. Though their mother is now 88 and has Alzheimer's, says Margaret, "she still recognized him and held our hands together. ... It was a really touching moment.”

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