Brother And Sister Are Not On The Same Page About This Pregnancy Announcement

When you're breaking pregnancy news to your kids, some elements ARE in your control. You can decide when to bring up the subject; you can decide how to word what you say; in the case of an edible announcement, you can even decide which flavor of cake to bake.

What you can't determine beforehand -- as parents-of-three Penny and James are not the first to find out -- is how the kiddos will react. In this particular case... half with over-the-moon enthusiasm, and half with the deepest despair.

Mom and dad told Ellen's Good News on Yahoo! Shine that the paper their two older children were reading from was a homemade Mad Lib (which presumably explains why the new baby is described as "hairy"), and said baby Brooklyn was born earlier this year.

If middle child Baylor can get over her foreboding about what's to come, maybe she'll see that youngest kids don't always have it easy, either.

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