2 Siblings Recall Strikingly Different Childhoods (VIDEO)

"When I was 9, my mother made us eat tuna sandwiches, which were actually made out of cat food," recalls Jori, who recently wrote a book based at least in part on her tumultuous childhood, including allegations that she suffered emotional and sexual abuse at the hands of her now-deceased mom. (Watch more here.)

But her brother, Grant, calls Jori's tome a "book of lies." He says, "My mom was a good mom. She did the best she could with what she had to work with ... I would say the only truth about the book is that there were three siblings and a mom, and there was mental illness in the family ... I don't remember Jori ever being abused. I remember Jori being a spoiled brat."

He hypothesizes about Jori's motive for writing the book: "I think she's been fabricating stories about my mom for years to make excuses for her own behavior."

Emotions run high when they come together on Dr. Phil's stage on Friday's show. Is there any hope for repairing this family feud? Watch more clips here.