Watch The Emotional Moment That Long-Lost Siblings Meet In Person For The First Time

WATCH: Long-Lost Siblings Meet In Person For First Time

It's taken John Pilotte and his half-sister, Susie Wilson, a couple decades to find each other.

Last weekend, the two finally met in person for the first time, exchanging long-awaited hugs Louis Armstrong International Airport in New Orleans.

WGNO reports Pilotte, 47, had been given up for adoption as a child, and he'd always wondered about his biological family.

"I knew I had a brother and sister, but nothing more than that," he told ABC News. "I really didn’t want to develop a relationship with my father."

That wondering ended four years ago, when a Facebook search by Wilson turned up Pilotte's information. Wilson called her long-lost half-brother on Thanksgiving, and the two hit it off immediately.

"On Thanksgiving, I got a phone call out of the blue," Pilotte told ABC, remembering the moment. "She said, 'I’m your sister.' We talked for an hour ... That was something I always wanted was to have a little sister."

Given their mutual love of the NFL, it's possible the two might have bumped into each other eventually at a Saints-Packers game -- their teams of choice. Unlikely as it seems, stranger things have happened: Earlier this year, two best friends in Canada found out they were actually biological brothers.

And in January, two girls who developed a friendship while attending Tulane University found out they were actually half-sisters.

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