Stunning Side-By-Side Look At London In 1927 And 2013 (VIDEO)

WATCH: Stunning Side-By-Side Look At London In 1927 And 2013

You may not be able to actually travel through time, but this video will get you pretty close.

86 years ago, filmmaker Claude-Friese Greene released "The Open Road," a famous collection of films he took on an early color film camera.

Then, at the beginning of last year, London-based director Simon Smith followed Greene's route through London on his way to making his own version of "The Open Road." After collecting a series of shots from the same places Greene did, Smith laid the two films side-by-side for an incredible look at two far apart generations.

While the people of London and the vehicles they drive look quite different, the video also sheds light on some continuity in the city.

Many shots, aside from the quality of film or the placement of a stoplight, look eerily similar.

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