Which Side Of The Bed Do You Sleep On? 1 In 10 Couples Argue Over This, Says Survey

The Issue 1 In 10 Couples Argue Over
Portrait of unhappy young couple in bedroom
Portrait of unhappy young couple in bedroom

What a couple's sleep positions might say about their relationship has long been fodder for magazine articles and occasional research. Now a British hotel chain has put marketing dollars toward investigating how couples decide on those sleep positions in the first place. According to the findings, a lot of fighting is involved.

The Premier Inn hotel company surveyed 2,000 adults in the U.K. about their sleeping habits, The Daily Mail reported. They found that over 10 percent of couples argue about which side of the bed to sleep on, and that one in 20 men are unhappy with the outcome of those arguments.

According to the Daily Mail, Claire Haigh of Premier Inn said: "Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to their sleeping styles but which side of the bed people sleep on seems to be fundamental to getting a good night’s sleep." She also said that the adults surveyed showed an even split between preferring the left or right side of the bed -- but regardless of which side they chose, most people had a clear preference.

Some commonly cited reasons for preferring one side of the bed over the other were a better view of the television, being closer to children, being near a radiator, being close to personal belongings, being farther from outside noise and being closer to a larger amount of floor space.

Jezebel's Laura Beck suggests that we take this study "with a huge-a** grain of salt" and not assume that owning the side of the bed you want necessarily improves your sleep or wellbeing. After all, she writes, older Premier research "found that folks who sleep on the left side of the bed are happier in general. So, ditch the Zoloft and forget about leaving the house, all you have to do is get up on the left side of the bed and it's alllll good."

Nevertheless, Premier Inn insists that which side of the bed you sleep on really might matter. Nearly 50 percent of respondents said that they couldn't sleep properly if they weren't tucked in on their preferred side. And since a good night's sleep can impact your weight, your memory and your life expectancy, "your" side of the bed might be worth fighting for. Maybe.

Do you have a preference as to which side of the bed you sleep on? Has it ever caused an issue in your relationship? Let us know in the comments!

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