Side Swiped: Why You'll Be Abandoning Your Middle Part This Summer


It's summer in L.A. and we're itching to channel the boho spirit as much as the next neurotically SPF-covered girl. But one hippie hallmark we'll be dispensing with this season is the middle part.

Why? Because we're not 12 years old or Kate Moss.

Mega hairdresser Garren said it best nearly a decade ago when he proclaimed middle parts to be "only for little girls." We wouldn't go that far -- but after years of rocking a center-line part, we're ready to mix it up.

And so, it seems, is Hollywood. Side parts are sweeping red carpets, adding old-school glam to ensembles by evoking early Madonna, late early 1990s supermodels including Stephanie Seymour and Tatjana Patiz and any-era Marilyn Monroe.

Need proof? Check out these side-swept beauties:

Emma Stone looking uber-blonde.

Diane Kruger, who -- let's be honest -- always has it together.

A braided Minka Kelly.

Blake Lively making messy hair work.

Photos courtesy Getty

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