Sideboob or Not Sideboob?

Straight talk -- we need to open up a dialogue about a serious issue in today's media. Multiple celebrity news outlets ran stories today issuing the promise of sideboob. "Miley Cyrus Flashes Sideboob!" today's titillating headlines read (see Us Magazine, E! Online and The Huffington Post). So imagine my disappointment when this was the photo they released:

miley cyrus sideboob

Sideboob?! I see some under-pit, mayyyybe a hint of pec flesh. But this is hardly sideboob. We've clearly gotten way too casual as a nation about our definition of what does and does not constitute sideboob.

To help, we compiled a chart of the different kinds of boob potentially visible in celebrity photos. So next time you think you might be seeing sideboob: cross-reference here to make absolutely sure. You don't want to be the blogger who cried side-boob.


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