The One Thing That Could Trip Up You and Your Partner In Bed

The One Thing That Could Trip Up You and Your Partner In Bed

According to a recent survey, 40 percent of Americans have always slept on the same side of the bed -- and preferring the same side of the bed could be a potential deal-breaker for some couples.

Ricky Joshi, co-founder of Saatva Mattress, the luxury mattress retailer that conducted the survey, explained to HuffPost Live on Monday why sides matter.

"The right side seems to be better for both sexes," Joshi explained to host Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani. "It really depends sort of how the couple can kind of balance the relationship, and that's how they kind of choose which side. Some seem more willing to give up the right side than others, but overall, the right side just seems to win."

Almost half of the couples surveyed preferred the same side of the bed, and 79 percent were forced to give up their favorite side for their partner.

According to the survey, couples did not take this decision lightly. "Having a certain side of the bed was actually more important than having a common favorite sports team," Joshi said. "You can imagine the amount of passion that exists around sports and actually, we found that about 20 percent more cared about what side of the bed they slept on. So it's a really big thing."

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