Sideshow Performer Heather Holliday Swallows Sword, Eats Fire, For $50 Discount On Rat Skeleton (VIDEO)

WATCH: Woman Swallows Sword Just For $50 Discount On Rat Skeleton

Some folks will do any for a discount, even swallow their pride.

Sideshow performer Heather Holliday prefers to swallow a sword and eat some fire.

Holliday, who is believed to be the youngest sword swallower in the world, is willing to show her talents to shopkeepers if it will help her get a few dollars off something she really wants.

In this case, it was a prized rat skeleton put together by Ryan Matthew, one of the staff workers at Obscura Oddities and Antiques, a New York store that caters to people wanting bizarre artifacts.

Luckily, the bizarre bargaining ritual is immortalized on Oddities, a Science Channel series airing Saturdays, so couch potatoes can see how far someone will go to get a rat skeleton.

In this case, the swallowing worked because Matthew dropped the price of the rat bones from $225 to $175, a bargain at any price.

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