Sidewalk Chalk Props: Creative Photos Of Kids As Part Of Chalk Art

LOOK: The Coolest Sidewalk Chalk Creations

Chalk has gotten a bad rap this summer. First, a handful of Denver residents tried to ban scribbling on the sidewalk. Then, last week, a mom from Richmond, VA was sentenced to community service for letting her daughter draw on rocks.

Before the kids go back to school, we thought it was time to celebrate this quintessential summertime activity. Chalk is portable, holds a child's attention for more than ten whole minutes (usually), and easier to clean up than play-doh or markers that have come in contact with the couch. (Thank you, rain.) And, as it turns out, highly imaginative families are putting a whole new spin on what you can create with chalk, resulting in awesome images.

One mom, Michelle, who blogs at Burgh Baby has posted a gallery of her creations. The photos include her daughter Alexis swimming in a chalk sea, fighting a chalk dragon, flying over a chalk city ... and more. Below, we've collected a set of her coolest shots along with other stunning chalk creations.

Click through the gallery, and if you have a photo of your kids posing with their drawings, add your own!

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Cool Sidewalk Chalk Drawings

Creative Sidewalk Chalk Drawings


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