Sidney da Cruz, Carlos Pereira Attempt To Escape Brazilian Prison Disguised As Garbage-filled Trash Bags (VIDEO)

TRASHED: Brazilian Prisoners Try To Escape By Disguising Themselves As Garbage

Two prisoners who attemped to escape a Brazilian jail disguised as garbage have had their attempts trashed before their eyes.

Sidney da Cruz, 24, and Carlos Pereira, 19, allegedly tried to escape the Delegacia de Furtos jail in Curitiba, Brazil, last Tuesday, in hopes of being taken out of the prison with the real garbage, the Brazilian newspaper Noticias de Navarra reported.

The duo are accused of waiting until the lunchtime trash was collected. They then climbed into the plastic trash bags and somehow put themselves next to the other bags, The Daily Mail reported.

Something was clearly not right when prison guard Cleverson Mineiro noted that two of the bags were "breathing."

"I was walking past the sacks of rubbish and I noticed something moving," he told Record TV, a Brazilian TV network. "At first I thought there was a rat."

Authorities are still trying to figure out how the two suspects tied the trash bags while inside them, reports.

Da Cruz and Pereira were arrested and may have additional prison time added to their sentences.

Gerson Alves Machado said this attempt may be novel, but escape attempts are nothing new as the Delegacia de Furtos jail is very overcrowded.

An investigation is underway to see if a third party, possibly a jail guard, was involved, according to Noticias Terra.

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