Sidney Harman Installs Himself In Newsweek's D.C. Lunchroom

's New Owner Sets Up Shop In D.C. Lunchroom

Hey, kids? Are you wondering how Newsweek's transition into the Sidney Harman era is going? Well, here's a hot scooplet for you: even as we speak, the lunchroom in which pre-Harman era Newsweek employees once sought refuge from racist babies is being transformed, according to a source at the newsweekly, into a "palatial office" for Harman.

Institutionally, Newsweek's de facto headquarters has always been in New York City, where the vast majority of its staff work. In May of 2008, Newsweek relocated it's offices to 395 Hudson Street in what was considered to be one of the "largest and most complex [real estate] transactions completed in Manhattan" that year. That was to be the locus for the magazine's "workplace for the future," but Harman installing himself in the magazine's DC office signals that Newsweek's seat of power is about to shift several hundred miles south in Acelastan.

Oh, and did you hear about how Harman's wife, U.S. Representative and warrantless-wiretap enthusiast Jane Harman (D-Calif.) promised to be "hands off" at the magazine? Well, in an early troubling sign, she's been spotted at the office, helping to decorate her husband's new digs. Hold steady, Newsweekers!

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