Siena, Italy - The Local Secrets

At Global Yodel we are obsessed with learning about place form a local perspective. To add another pin to the map we sent Yodeler Paolo Balsamo to the amazing La Bagnaia Golf & Spa Resort Siena, Curio Collection by Hilton to experience what was once a medieval village in the heart of the Tuscany countryside to shoot some photos and create a Siena Travel Guide. It’s full of unique tips and local secrets, just for you.

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Name? Paolo Balsamo

Occupation? Social Media Manager

City you live in? Gubbio, a small and beautiful medieval city in Umbria. (Less than two hours from Siena.)

How long have you lived there? I have lived in Gubbio for eight years, and I love it.

Can you sum up Siena? Siena is an authentic city where you can fully experience the historic Tuscan atmosphere. It has one of the most beautiful and preserved historic centers in all of Italy. The traditions and customs of Siena’s neighborhoods are incredibly unique and an attraction in themselves.

What is the best thing about Siena? The best thing about Siena is the famous Palio di Siena, a horse race held twice, each year, on July 2nd and August 16th. Ten horses and riders (who ride bareback) get dressed in appropriate colors that represent ten of the seventeen wards of the city. The pristine beauty and rolling hills – like you’ll experience on the grounds of La Bagnaia Gold & Spa Resort Siena – are also what makes Siena so wonderful.

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What is a perfect day in Siena? A perfect day in Siena starts with a good Italian breakfast consisting of croissants, pastries, espresso, and cappuccinos. The place to go is definitely Blandis Café & Wine Bar. Their cappuccinos are the best.

Next, would be exploring the old town and its beautiful landmarks, sights, culture, and charm. Just wander around, explore the alleyways and get lost. Then, a glass wine at one of the many cafes in the Piazza del Campo. It is one of the most gorgeous squares in all of Italy. For wine try the Chianti Classico a Tuscan symbol.

After relaxing for a while, get a delicious ice cream at the Gelateria Venchi and enjoy it while waiting for the sun to set behind the rolling Tuscan hills.

After sunset, head to Pasticceria Bini for a traditional Sienese desert. They have the best panforte in Siena (and possibly the world).

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What are the people like in Siena? The people of Siena are hospitable and extremely attached to their city. The Sienese are incredibly proud of their culture and do their utmost to keep the traditions intact. (And have done so since the Middle Ages.)

If Siena was a character who would it be? Siena would be a medieval knight. In the 1300’s Siena was one of Europe’s largest medieval cities.

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