Sienna Miller Finds The Fake 'American Sniper' Baby Just As Humorous As The Rest Of Us

"It looked like something from 'Alien.'"

Remember Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller's fake "American Sniper" baby? Of course you do. It was 2014's hottest movie controversy. Or, at least, its most amusing.

Months after "American Sniper" became last year's highest-grossing movie, Sienna Miller addressed what the rest of the filmgoing world has long known. During a Tuesday appearance on "Ellen," the actress laughed at the now infamous scene in which Cooper cradles a motionless, plastic infant in his arms. "It needs its own credit, really," she said. "Or a spin-off, maybe."

As previously reported, a real baby was supposed to star in the scene, but the first choice arrived with a fever and the second one was a no-show. Clint Eastwood, who directed the movie, opted for an animatronic doll instead, to rather comedic effect. "It looked like something from 'Alien,'" Miller joked while laughing at footage from the film. Watch the candid clip below.

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