Swimmer Sierra Schmidt's Pre-Race Dance Routine At U.S. Olympic Trials Is Joy To Behold

"The Dancing Queen" has already won before she enters the pool.

Sierra Schmidt finished seventh in the 1,500 meters at the U.S. Olympic swim trials on Wednesday, but she won viral acclaim for her pre-race dance.

Instead of tensing up for her big moment, Schmidt busted out one of her choreographed routines.

And she’s been doing it for years.

Teammates at the University of Michigan, where she just finished her senior year, called her “The Dancing Queen,” KSDK reported.

Schmidt said she wants to be known for both dancing and success in the pool.

“One of my goals by doing the dancing, not only so that I can be less nervous, [but] also to show that there are many paths to success,” she told BillyPenn.com.

Schmidt previously finished sixth in the 400-meter final at the trials. But if swimming awarded a Mirrorball Trophy, she would have earned it, hands down.

In 2012, Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke became an international celebrity for her pre-race dance at the world junior championships. She competed in the 2016 Olympics.

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