Sighting: Mountain Lion In Glover-Archbold Park Near Fannie Mae HQ

WASHINGTON -- A mountain lion was allegedly sighted last week in the northern end of Glover-Archbold Park, according to a posting on Cleveland Park's online message board.

The post was apparently written by a resident of McLean Gardens, a 43-acre residential neighborhood located between the park and Wisconsin Avenue, adjacent to the headquarters of mortgage giant Fannie Mae:

I just wanted to report that last week there was a mountain lion sighting in McLean Gardens on the edge of Glover Park. I know it sounds crazy but two people were witness to the cat. I seems to be a young one, not fully grown. He was sighted at around 1:00 pm on October 17th. This seems to coincide with the two sightings reported in the news in August this year, one in [Loudoun] County and the other in DC in the District Heights area.

Glover-Archbold Park is part of a slender north-south greenbelt that stretches from the Potomac River near Georgetown to Van Ness Street NW. Other parks connect it to Rock Creek Park, which has had its fair share of coyote sightings in recent years.

The Glover-Archbold sighting comes on the heels of other purported run-ins with D.C. wildlife. Earlier this week, a man was charged with driving under the influence after he crashed his car into the C&O Canal. The driver blamed his predicament on a bear sighting, which caused him to swerve off Canal Road around 9 p.m. on Monday. The bear was nowhere to be found and the man was arrested.

Last year, footage of a bear was captured by security camera of an apartment building on the 4800 block of Connecticut Avenue NW. The bear and his companions -- two deer -- grazed in the vicinity for just a few minutes before leaving.

All these incidents pale in comparison to 2005's epic rampage by a deer that wandered into trendy Georgetown stores Diesel and Ralph Lauren. The deer was eventually tranquilized and removed from a dressing room it had holed itself up in.

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