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17 Simple Sights, Smells and Sounds That Whisk You Back to Childhood

The grind of adult life can make us long for childhood again -- a time when there were no bills to pay, no bosses to report to, no groceries to buy and no hour-long commutes to endure. It's nice to visit nostalgic places like your childhood hometown, your parents' house (which somehow always provides a sense of calm) or that movie theater you used to frequent in high school. But there are even simpler things that also can take you back several decades, things like the smell of fresh-baked cookies or "I Love Lucy" reruns.

We asked our Facebook fans what everyday things whisk them back in time. Here's what they came up with (be warned, you may be left craving your mom's home cooking and old school tracks!):

1. The smell of a new box of crayons.

2. The smell of that classic lotion your mother always used.

vintage lotion

3. The smell of Noxzema we all used as pimple-faced teens.


4. The taste of Kool-Aid on hot summer days.


5. Seeing kids ride their bikes.

schwinn vintage

6. The indescribable smell of Play-Doh.

7. Saturday morning cartoons.

8. Dubble Bubble Gum.

9. The smell of that Old Spice your dad used to wear.

old spice

10. Playing hopscotch.


11. Eating SpaghettiOs.


12. The sound of the ice cream truck on your block.

ice cream truck vintage

13. The "Sesame Street" theme song.

14. The smell of freshly baked cookies.

15. Playing with Slinky toys.


16. The smell of cotton candy.

17. Catching fireflies.

Excuse us while we have some comfort food.

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