Sights to See in the 6ix

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Remember to visit these locations when you're running through the 6ix.

Polson Pier/Toronto Islands
Polson Pier is the perfect place to see the skyline of Toronto. It is especially beautiful in the winter, with snowflakes clouding the sky and choppy tides beneath the setting sun. Not far off, a short ferry ride will transport you to walking trails and historic buildings.The Toronto Islands are freezing in the winter, but the view of Toronto over the semi-frozen lake is worth every bit of hypothermia. This is the kind of view that makes middle-aged women with selfie sticks lose their sh*t. In the summer, the island is transformed into a beautifully maintained park with a petting zoo and ice cream--what more could you ask for? A tip: don't stand too close to the water, Lake Ontario doesn't have the greatest reputation for cleanliness.

Image by Allen McGregor.

The Brickworks
Follow the trails to the highest point and you will find a beautiful view of the city. Follow the trails to the lowest point and you will find expensive lattés.

Image by Ryan Hayward.

Allan Gardens
An oasis within a city. Originally built in 1910, this century old glass greenhouse feels like an escape from the cold of winter. It houses lush botanical gardens and is comprised of over 16,000 square feet of tropical plants, old people, and squirrels. Also within the greenhouse are ponds with Japanese koi fish and turtles. A tip: don't poke the Cacti plants, they are pretty sharp and don't like to be touched.

Image by Jamie Sarner.

The Beaches/Harbourfront
In Toronto, the closest you'll get to Baywatch are some chubby seagulls frolicking on the shores of Lake Ontario. Still, it is calming to watch the sailboats glide across the lake toward the horizon, pretending you can smell salty ocean air and see dolphins leaping through transparent waves at sunset. The Harbourfront skating rink also allows for a breathtaking view of the waterfront during the winter months.

Image by Julie Kinnear.

The Distillery District
There's something unique and whimsical about the Distillery District at night. Lights strung from rooftops and cobblestone floors make you feel like you've stepped into a different time. Years ago horses and buggies travelled through the same paths and visited the same buildings, except they probably weren't selling overpriced clothing and frappucinos.

Image by Toronto Christmas Market.

St. Lawrence Market
Funky smelling cheeses and out of the ordinary meats are a huge attraction in Toronto's downtown core.

Image by Ray Son-Ho.

Mount Pleasant Cemetery
The Mount Pleasant Cemetery is hauntingly beautiful. The trees that grow and flowers that bloom are a reminder that there is beauty even after death.

Image by Anton Bielousov.

Financial District
Men in suits and women in heels. Everything is fast paced when you're walking through the financial district. Except for that homeless dude eating a taco near the TD building.

Image by Oscar Flores.

Entertainment District
Toronto's miniature New York.

Image by Barbara Lawlor.

CN Tower
The CN Tower is no longer the world's tallest building; it's now the world's tallest building, with a wine cellar. So, when you're sitting 1000 feet in the air, remember that someone in Dubai is sitting 500 feet higher, but they have no wine--so who is really winning?

Image by the City of Toronto.

Simply the best for history fanatics and art lovers.

Image by Creative Commons.

The Rogers Centre
Home of the Toronto Blue Jays. Also where drunk dads get in fights over baseball.

Image by the City of Toronto.

Air Canada Centre
Home of the Toronto Raptors and Toronto Maple Leafs. You might actually see Drake here.

Image by Chensi Yuan.

Serena Gundy/Wilket Creek Park
A beautiful escape from city life--lined with mature trees, rivers, and picnics.

Image by the City of Toronto.

High Park
More high than park.

Image by the City of Toronto.

"When I think of myself, I think of Toronto." --Drake