Sign of the Times

It is so hard to focus on the important issue of the day, global warming, when your favorite singer has been unfairly voted off of American Idol. My entire household is in an uproar calling for a recount, a boycott, a channel change!

Ironically, just moments before the ax fell, we were all jumping up and down celebrating the idols' performance in the hybrid Ford Escape commercial. Bravo for helping make fuel efficiency sexy and cool.

One of my very first blogs for this site was about how Ford was completely missing the boat by using its advertising dollars to promote the regular Escape SUV during Idol, when they should be introducing the hybrid to this new generation of drivers. What a difference a year makes!

Couple that with the announcement on Friday that General Motors is discontinuing its horrible gas-guzzling Hummer H1. I guess ten miles per gallon just doesn't cut it anymore.

Of course, far be it for GM to acknowledge fuel efficiency as the reason it chose to ditch the H1. The spokesperson was quoted in the L.A. Times saying, "It's really one of those over-the-top vehicles. It doesn't really have much of a place in everyday society. You can't put it in the parking ramps. Parking spaces can't accommodate it." Amen.

Hey, but what about the 12,000 Hummers that will remain on US roads for the next decade or two. How about giving them the same burial General Motors gave the "good for society" electric cars. Crushing them to smithereens. Just a suggestion.