Signs It's Time To Quit Your Job And Travel (GIFs)

It's Time To Quit Your Job And Travel

Each morning you awake from a lovely dream filled with adventure. And it sucks.

On your morning commute, you dream of driving somewhere beautiful and far away...

You've stopped making excuses to your bosses.

Because really, all you do all day is read travel blogs.

The thought of a promotion isn't exciting in the slightest.

You get all riled up at the thought of vacation and start researching everything.

You feel trapped in your day-to-day routine.

You feel so out of place at your office.

Paying bills and rent makes you increasingly angry.

That money could go toward a plane ticket.

You've just become an angry, miserable human being.

So here's what you do. Ready?

Take a deep breath.

Have a talk with your boss.

Get your finances in order.

Decide where you're going.

And get out of here.

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