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14 Signs You're A Kick-Ass Roommate

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We all know the signs of a terrible roommate. You know, the ones that leave passive aggressive notes on the bathroom mirror, dirty dishes in the sink and hair in the drain.

But how can you tell if you're a kick-ass roommate -- or better yet, if you're living with one? Well here is a list of a few qualities that make for a fantastic partner:

1. You always pay your rent on time AND remind your roommate so they don't forget to send their check, too.

2. When you cook or bake, you make enough for two.

3. You never leave dirty dishes in the sink and will even sometimes wash your roommate's dishes when they're having a busy week.

4. You wear headphones when you're listening to loud music.

5. You buy more rolls of toilet paper when the supply is low.

9. You buy new lightbulbs.

10. You bring your roommate medicine when they're sick.

11. You take out the garbage in the kitchen and the bathroom.

12. You scrub the toilet bowl when it starts to get gross, and clean other areas of the house that are far from pleasant.

13. You don't eat their groceries without their permission.

And most importantly,

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